Changsha Future Urban & Quality Habitat Expo 2020

23 - 25 Oct 2020 

Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center




 About Us
Benefit of Exhibiting in FLET China

Benefit of Exhibiting in FLET China

Benefit of Exhibiting in FLET China

Benefit of Exhibiting in FLET China

As time advances, “The major contraction of our society has converted to the conflict between the growing daily needs of people and the imbalance and insufficient development.”, said President Xi. People have shown increasing concerns for sustainable development in urban planning and housing construction, as well as growing demands for housing experience. Home is not just a house anymore but a sustenance of a wonderful life. 

New construction and expansion would no longer be the means of development for future cities. By rehabilitation and renovation, alongside with the improvement on the land use, large scale of urban planning and practice of communication technology, the city would develop into a smart and green city. The whole land-centred industry chain would then be transformed systematically and comprehensively with the change of the policies. 

Changsha Future Urban & Quality Habitat Expo 2020 is here to fulfill the pursuit of wonderful home and life of people, aiming to build the Expo with the largest scale, the highest specification and the most reputation in central China.

 About Exhibition 

Based on the vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, Changsha Future Urban & Quality Habitat Expo 2020 aims to build a big data platform for centralized trading of real estate developers and end-user suppliers with more than 1000 national real estate resources. It is dedicated to build the quality habitats for future cities with the largest scale, the highest specification and the most reputation in central China. 

The expo targets at the first- and second-tier brands, enterprises, manufacturers or distributors of real estate developers and real estate chains across the country, as well as demonstrating the exchange of land and resources, real estate, energy-efficient buildings, green building materials, smart homes, and home improvement. The exhibition area is about 60,000 square meters with around 3,000 international standard booths. It is estimated that 1,000 exhibiting companies and 100,000 professional visitors will be coming. 

 Exhibition Theme

●      Integrate real estate industry chain
●      Open up a new era for future human settlement
●      Fulfill the supply and demand of terminal mass 

●      Build a big data trading platform

Concurrent Events

-Future City Development Forum

-Land Special Promotion Meeting

-Developer Procurement Information Conference

-Supply and Demand Business Matching Meeting for Developers and the Whole 

  Industry Chain Suppliers

-National Building Materials, Decoration, Home Appliances and Furniture Market 


-Supply-side Reform Development Forum / Urban Renewal and Old Reform 

  Development Forum

-The Opportunities and Challenges Brought by 5G Technology to the 

  Development of the Future City

-Future Urban for Quality Habitat Awards Ceremony

Buyer and Visitor Registration
Exhibitor Registration

- Excellent location, Convenient logistics, Holistic Infrastructure

As an important city of the “The Belt and Road Initiative”, Changsha has a well-developed transportation network and logistics system. The intersection of Beijing-Guangzhou and Shanghai-Kunming High-Speed Railways in Changsha make it one of the most important high-speed railway hubs in China. The Changsha Huanghua International Airport is one of the top 100 airports worldwide, with passenger traffic ranking first in the central region. There are 5 national-level development zones and 9 provincial-level parks. Government supports innovation and start-up business policies. Based on the vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, Changsha is making every effort to build a National Intelligent Manufacturing Center, National Innovation and Creativity Center and National Transport and Logistics Center. Also, the construction of Changsha Huanghua Free Trade Zone, Jinxia Economic and Technological Development Zone and Changsha Linkong Economic Demonstration Zone gathers a number of transportation and logistics hubs such as “Changsha-Europe Express”Changsha New Port, Changsha Chuanhua Highway Port and Jinxia Free Tax Logistics Center.

The comprehensive upgrading of Changsha's infrastructure construction involves the supply of water, power, communication, gas and other facilities, as well as the construction of sewage and comprehensive garbage treatment facilities, which provides a strong support for the sustainable development of the city.

 Why the Expo locates in Changsha, 

 Hunan Province?

-    To develop Changsha into a regional and modern smart city with international influence

According to the "Smart Changsha Development Overall Plan (2016-2020)", the city's operation and management are combined with digital, networked, and intelligent technologies to further enhance the city's modern management level and carrying capacity. Establish a comprehensive public security systems including social security prevention and control, as well as food and drug safety, production safety, traffic safety and information security. Improve the emergency linkage command system, build a precise weather forecasting system in Changsha, and strengthen the city's comprehensive early warning and emergency response capabilities. Construct an intelligent transportation system to realize intelligent identification, control, dispatch management, and emergency response of passenger, cargo, and transportation elements. Implement digital urban management engineering transformation and upgrading, promote user-friendly service, grid-based coverage, intelligent application, and refined management of urban management, and continuously improve the level of comprehensive modern urban management.

- To comply with the city industrial development

According to the “13th Five-Year Plan for Urban and Rural Planning and Development of Changsha (2016-2020)”, Changsha will coordinate the urban and rural planning with the goal of developing into a national central city in two city patterns, which are“3+5”city group with Changsha as its core and “one body and two wings”(inner six districts and Changsha as a whole, Liuyang and Ningxiang as two wings) by 2020. Also, it will plan the layout and control each functional facility scientifically as well as improve the urban design in line with the requirement of mega cities to make Star City Changsha a more exquisite, delicate and livable city.

- To lead the smart industry

The smart industry of China is rapidly expanding. Also, it is actively developing the application for education, medical care, social security, public safety, urban management, environmental monitoring and other public utility fields, as well as the industrial control software and embedded software. Moreover, it is vigorously expanding the information technology services industries including information service outsourcing, e-commerce, digital content, network value-added, design and development, information system integration, data processing and operations. Lastly, it is leveraging the mature big data product system of the industries to deepen the integration of business processes of key industry area and data application requirements. The 2020 Changsha Future Urban & Quality Habitat Expo is the driving force for the integration of industry and urban development. 

​​Media Support:

50 media, 150 trade media

Over 200 media coverage throughout the expo


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